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“Deblozay“ (“Bedlam” in Haitian Creole) is a trip through the memory of the city and that of its inhabitants. A journey. Searching for the figments of our past. This nocturnal voyage is where theatre, image and soundscapes come together.

These wanderings lead the public to rediscover forgotten places. The mysterious characters of the “Gédés”, open doors in our consciousness, uniting the dead and the living around this “buried past”, embracing both worlds.

It’s something you’re part of. You experience it from within, as part of a crowd, processing through the streets. It’s composed out of pace and rhythm, out of space and proximity. Of people and power. Of people power.
Matt Trueman (The Guardian) – june 2014
Rara Woulib explore des zones frontières, où le spectacle a peu l’habitude d’aller.
Libération – september 2013
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